Ye Old Brooklyn Bridge

From the entrance in Brooklyn all the way to the exit at Canal Street in Manhattan this bridge is MAGNIFICENT! I have lived in Brooklyn all of  my life, quite a long time at this point lol and never before have I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge! Hey, it was on my “bucket list”

Being the rocket scientist I am I picked one of the most hot and humid days of summer to do it but wow was it worth it! The views from way above were spectacular. There were apparently a lot of other crazy people like me that day who enjoyed feeling so hot that my jeans felt like a giant diaper.

I enjoyed seeing the locks secured in several areas placed by lovers imagining that they would be securing their love forever in doing so. There are even very enterprising individuals who sell “I love New York” merchandise.

Lovers holding hands, moms and dads, parents and kids, even grandparents all took the stroll that day!

You are located way above the traffic and even on the hot day the breeze was delicious! It took me maybe half an hour to 40 minutes to cross and being the lover of photography that I am it was a photographer’s delight!

As I always say, there are many fun and free things to do in MY NEW YORK and this was one that I enjoyed very much! Take the walk, it’s lovely!


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