This is Grace! I proudly call her my grandog. As you can see here she is loading her mommy up with hugs and kisses!  My daughter, Lauren adopted her from North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, Long Island, N.Y.

She is a pit/boxer mix and truly one of the most lovable dogs and has brought so much joy into all the lives that she has touched. She is gentle, lovable and adores everyone! She truly believes everyone she sees knows and loves her as well! When she sees people on her daily walks she greets them with a big smile. Yes a smile! Her ears go back, her face widens and her tail goes a hundred miles an hour. She is full of love and kisses! She has been potty trained since day one and has mastered the arts of sitting, paw and laying down almost immediately.

There are dozens like her in North Shore and others like it all over New York City in need of homes. These little sweethearts ask for nothing more than a little food in their belly, a roof over their head but mostly someone to love them. You can be guaranteed that the unconditional love you receive in return will make it all worth it!

Before going to a pet store or a breeder consider these wonderful pets. Everyone is always quick to snap up the cute 8 week old puppy but sadly all of those mature (even one year olds) sit and patiently wait for someone to come and take them into a loving home!

I am so happy to have my Gracie in my life!