What’s the fascination with poop?

20160615_20170620160615_201701-1Maybe I am missing something but this poop craze bewilders me. I was always taught that when mother nature calls and you just “go”.

I personally cannot see the current fascination of love that seems to be spreading for this mass of waste, feces, turds, doo doo, crap or whatever other lovely words that are used to describe this vile body function. It is what it is….elimination!

Yet, so many stores have really embraced this poop phenomenon selling poop pillows, poop shirts and even some edible delicacies such as poop lollipops and poop mints. Forgive me if I gag but I simply cannot envision myself enjoying a chocolate lollipop in the shape of a turd or perhaps resting my locks on a pillow shaped like a hug pile of dung but hey but who am I to judge?

I watched several people wait on a long line in a store just to purchase these lovely little brown goodies. Nonetheless, I guess just like everything else the “poop craze” is enjoying its 15 minutes of fame but in the meantime I have to admit I don’t get this shit (pun intended)