Why I am NOT an artist…..


Note the original picture of my daughter Lauren and her fiance Matt above. No, they do not always look like that, they were just having some fun. So being bored one night I decided to see if I could get my creative juices flowing and try my hand at some free hand artwork from looking at that lovely picture.

The results are above along with another picture including a “self portrait” of myself. Notice I see myself with full lips and flowing hair, ok so maybe a exaggerated just a little.

Also notice that I made Lauren a floating head pasted onto a lump of a body with no arms. Looking closely at it it now, she kind of resembles a rock with painted on hair, a sneer and a witch nose. Lauren does not look like that in real life! Matt on the other hand I also made into a rock, however notice he does have arms along with a watch and he also has that famous GI JOE painted on hair. Looking at it again I also notice the extra long chin I gave him, perhaps I was watching Jay Leno at the time….hmmmm.

Melvin in the second picture wasn’t THAT bad. I mean I got the colorings correctly and the glasses but then there is the suggestion from the drawing that he has some kind of huge tumor on one side of his face (he does not, thank God) but he also is armless and his glasses appear to stay on straight despite the fact that they are only connected on one side, His hair line also resembles Count Dracula.

So in retrospect, I am seeing 2 things. 1 – you see things more clearly when you look at them for the second time, details become more aparrent and 2 – I now know why I am and will remain a secretary/real estate agent/amateur photographer/explorer/blogger, etc.



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