Governor’s Island


Wow! I visited Governor’s Island for the first time this summer and I literally had no clue that this secluded retreat was so lovely!

I started out one day on one of my weekend mystery excursions, the kind of one where I get up, get myself together and head out not exactly knowing where, but knowing I will find some kind of treasure. I began in DUMBO, a place this native Brooklynite always knew existed but never visited. It was beautiful and I was quite impressed but that is another story!

I saw a ferry boat landing reading “to Governor’s Island” and I thought to myself “why the hell not?” so spontaneously I boarded the ferry and it was full steam ahead! The ferry was relatively cheap (under $5.00) and even stopped at the South Street Seaport and even midtown Manhattan. The ferry ride was lovely despite the fact that it was almost 100 degrees and humid (thank God for that sea breeze).

Upon arriving at the Island, to be honest with you I had no clue where I was going and why but continued to follow all the others pretending that I did lol. I stumbled upon a stretch of area with picnic tables shaded by beautiful trees and dozens of food trucks offering many kinds of ethnic fare. There was Chinese food, Mexican food, Greek food, burgers, ice cream and so much more! Later I also found an additional area offering tables with umbrellas with many more food choices. As I sat there eating my burrito (which was quite delicious) I looked around and saw families biking, children playing in a large grass field and a huge playground. Also within this area were buildings. Buildings that were once homes to members of our armed services many years ago. Although quite modern looking, if you looked closely you could find evidence of history.

This island had THE MOST SPECTACULAR view of Manhattan that I have ever seen! Along the shores of this island were benches located so that you could sit and enjoy this beautiful view or even take advantage of the bike rentals and take a spin around the island.

I discovered Castle Williams and imagined all of the events that must have happened there. It was quite impressive!

Located 70 feet above sea level are “the hills”. where you have an amazing view of New York Harbor and Lady Liberty! If you are a lover of photography the opportunities are endless!

I spent a few hours here enjoying the lovely views and the peace and tranquility of a place I barely knew even existed just minutes away from me then proceeded back to the ferry back to Brooklyn. I must say my adventure was a day well worth spent all for a minimal price.

If you are looking for a nice day out with the family or just a few hours of “ME” time this is a great place to visit! Like I always say “play tourist in your own city” once in awhile!



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