Homemade sausage, Ravioli and more! All in Brooklyn 11234!



Landi’s Pork store has been making fresh sausage and pasta at 5908 Avenue N, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234 since 1959! http://brooklynporkstore.com

It’s hard not to salivate when you enter this Italian Gourmet store loaded with such goodies as several varieties of freshly made sausage, homemade pastas, yummy prepared foods and more! They also carry a line of groceries and have a dairy and produce section for one stop shopping!

Now let’s talk sauce (or as the great debaters may call it gravy)! My personal favorite is the tomato and basil sauce. When that’s in the kitchen cooking, you just want to grab a nice crusty loaf of fresh Italian bread from the deli section and start dipping! Sauces are also available in tomato, marinara, meat and even alfredo! Boil up the pasta and you are ready to go! No jar flavor here! All natural, fresh and delicious!

Did someone say pasta?…

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