frankie 4.jpgfrankie 3.jpgfrankie borgata.jpgNo. I am not a teenager but YES meeting this man/legend is my mission! I am not a stalker by the way – just want to add that!

Once I saw JERSEY BOYS I was hooked! The story of his life is fascinating and I have the utmost respect for this man. I mean the guy is 82 years old, still working and putting most of these “younger” performers to shame! His voice is still as golden as it was way back when and his music ranging from fun to meaningful. I was blown away when I saw him live a few years back and on the top of my “bucket list” is meeting him. His show was better than some I have seen more than half his age and when I recently tried getting tickets to an upcoming show in Atlantic City for March 2017 they were sold out in a matter of hours! This made Kat a very unhappy camper!!

Needless to say I will continue to brood and tell everyone that will listen that this is very upsetting to me to say the least! I listen to his music at home, at work, in the car and yes even admit to a few sing a longs in the shower. It is my GO TO FEEL GOOD music! I take Frankie (in my Ipod or phone of course) wherever I go. He has gotten me through many New York City train rides stress free.

So listen, I am just putting it out there…

Frankie aka Francesco Stephen Castelluccio, if you are out there, help a girl out here. I would be so thrilled just to see you perform again and maybe a picture too with you if you would be so kind. Im not above sharing an espresso and cannoli with you either by the way! I seriously must  listen to SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE 100 times a day!  I could go to meet my maker some day knowing another notch on my bucket list has been crossed out and could proudly say I MET FRANKIE VALLI!  http://www.frankievallifourseasons.com/



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