img_0970When we get that call, it’s time to move fast!  “Hello, Mr. film location scouter here looking for the perfect house for a specific movie or television show. You have helped us before can you help us again?” OH YES WE CAN!

Faster than you can say “roll em” Doreen Alfano and Jason Sciulara, Brokers/Owners of BERGEN BASIN REALTY http://bergenbasin.com/ are on the phone getting all of their specific needs and then off to speak to sellers/residents of the area to see if they would like to make some sheckels!!

Our office located at 5817 Avenue N, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234 is only a few short minutes to the secluded oasis waterfront area of Mill Basin, a quiet and private community home to sprawling mini mansions and waterfont properties, not commonly known to many city residents. Here film makers can bring cast and crew with little to minimal distractions and feature these beautiful properties. Take a gander at this recent acquisition of ours located in Mill Basin! Call us for more info and a private viewing!

404318-3404318-2404318 (1).jpg

Yes this is BROOKLYN, USA!  A boat slip in your backyard!

Doreen and Jason have worked hand in hand along side film location scouters on many projects in the last few years and me, being their secretary has had the fun of watching the “inner works” of it all! From an outsider’s view it seems like all the actors and crew do is show up, shoot and leave but I bet you never thought about all the “little things” such as: where can the “stars” go to rest up in between takes, where can they find some privacy, where can they can even go to use a restroom??? We took care of all of that too! We recommended places to unwind and coordinated that with local restaurants to ensure their privacy and comfort and even recommended other shoot locations in stores such as “Landi’s Pork Store” http://brooklynporkstore.com/ in the movie Rob The Mob. Andy Garcia shot several scenes there and was very kind I might add to all of the staff even posing for pictures with them!  MOVIE 2.JPGNot only did I thoroughly enjoy watching the inner workings of this movie shoot, I also enjoyed the many other projects that my office coordinated as well.

It goes to show you, there is a lot more fun and interesting things going on here in “not so little old Brooklyn”!

If you need a location for a movie shoot or simply want to be the star of your own home, give us a call! We have been serving Brooklyn and other areas as well since 1981!


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