RESORTS WORLD CASINO – NYC – why you should always judge for yourself!

Ok, so this casino has just celebrated it’s 5th year here in NYC and for over 4 and a half of its existence I never visited. Mind you, I actually live only about a ten minute car ride away from it and YES I LOVE CASINOS! 

I often would count the months to a time when I have the chance to make the three hour trek down to Atlantic City. I call it my “happy place”. Little did I know that in minutes I could be roaming around the casino floor  in search of those penny slots (hey, I’m cheap)  with the excitement of the lights flashing and the bells and buzzers ringing bringing music to me ears! I often wonder if I have some kind of disorder.132294088

People had told me about Resorts World NYC before but all I heard from them was how dirty it was, how scary the people were that went there and that basically I was taking my life in my hands especially if I visited at night! So naturally, me not wanting to be in that kind of enviroment never went.

Then one day in a fit of boredom I said to myself. “Let me give it a try!” I was there early upon opening one Saturday at 10 a.m and was quite pleasantly surprised. The building was done up quite nicely and when you enter into the main lobby it has a beautiful waterfall lighting fixture adorned with red and white crystal sandwiched between 2 escalators that lead to the TIMES SQUARE CASINO on the second floor and the FIFTH AVENUE CASINO on the third floor. Both casinos are quite large and offer slot machines ranging from penny slots to $5 slots, roulette and other table games. The only thing is they are not live dealers but automated table games. That doesn’t bother me much (didn’t seem to bother too many others either as the tables were quite busy) because like I said I am the penny slot machine queen. Once in awhile on a good day I MAY up my game to the 5 cents slots! There is an average variety of slots and an average variety of people (none of whom I have ever encountered a problem with)

Both casinos along with the restrooms were clean. On the third floor is RW PRIME, a nice steak house, which I have yet to visit but looks very nice. As for food, it is a  little pricey (as it is in any casino) and sadly not too much variety in the food court. You can eat at the Queens Burger place, 2 different Chinese choices, Subway, Popeyes Chicken or just grab a dessert at the coffee and dessert bar which happens to be VERY, VERY GOOD. Trust me you will enjoy every bite of that $5.50 cannoli and they do serve STARBUCKS coffee!


In the center of the casinos, there is BAR 360 which has a calendar of events every night of the week offering things such as learn to dance salsa night or Bruce Springstein tribute and on weekends they have a few headliners here and there.


Yes, I have visited in the evenings also and found it to be quite beautiful with the constant changing outdoor lighting, the live band playing and the little extra excitement in the air. No I have never made a killing here but I do manage to entertain myself for a few hours at a time with minimal damage, however I have been with people who walked out of those glass doors $500 wealthier playing those slots! I try to make my donations to Resorts World weekly now, but in all honesty if I were to go to the movies with a friend between the admission price and the snacks I would not get out of there under $50 and it would be over in  an hour and a half or so, so what’s the difference if you spent the same and it lasted 3 or 4 hours and who knows maybe one day I will come home a big winner! Also keep in mind that connected directly to the casino is AQUEDUCT RACETRACK!

No, it is not Atlantic City with all its glitz & glamour or fancy restaurants and buffets but when you get that itch and don’t feel like driving 6 hours in a day I would highly recommend a few hours day or night at RESORTS WORLD NYC!