They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but what about a woman broken? Is she angry, sad, lonely, defeated? The answer is YES to all of them.

As a woman these days we are expected to work full time, keep up with the cleaning of the house, be the caretaker of the children, make sure the laundry is done, do the shopping, do the cooking and the list goes on……

Yes, there are men who fit this description also, who may be the hands on kind of father/husband but for the most part the woman is the glue that holds the family together. What happens when she starts to break?

She may start her day by getting up, making sure the kids are fed, ready and sent to school, lunches made, make the bed, get herself ready to go to her full time job. On her days off she goes to the grocery store, makes sure the family has clean clothes for the week, etc… When she gets home from her day “at the office” or whatever her “outside job” may be, she may have to make a pit stop at the store for a forgotten dinner item then in the kitchen she goes to start dinner. After making sure that the families bellies are full it’s time to clean up and do the dishes. Maybe the shower or the toilet needs a quick cleaning too.

Finally the chores are over and its 9 o’clock. Time to get the kids bathed and in their beds. Her day started at 6 a.m. 15 hours later it’s time for her to get in the shower, get her clothes ready for the next day and be “the tiger” in bed for her man. Can she do it? You know she can, because she is WOMAN!

Society had dictated that not only must most women bring home the bacon and fry it  up too and also keep a smile on that face while doing it.

While she is doing all this her MAN may be working his tail off also too trying to buy that house with the white picket fence or  to take the family to Disney every now and the. MAN is also out there making connections, when I say connections it may be that attractive female co worker, the young lady on the Express bus every day or even that girl gamer that blows things up with him online.

MAN comes home from work, takes off his work clothes and seats himself at the dinner table and starts some idle chatter with WOMAN and kids. After dinner it’s time for MAN to unwind. Whether it may be watching some t.v, playing with the kids or participating in some video game session, MAN is now having his time.

WOMAN, exhausted from the day’s events, retires to bed, tells MAN she will be ready and waiting when he joins her. He kisses her and settles back in to his comfy chair. “Bling” – it’s the piercing sound of a text message from his cell phone. He shakes his head, looks at the clock (10:30 p.m) and opens the message from YOUNG LADY from his office with a reminder that there is an 11. am. meeting. Thanks he says laughing as he is amused at the YOUTUBE video. “What are you laughing at?” she giggles and so it begins…….

The conversation starts with a message and slowly lengthens into flirtation. It’s harmless right? Just an old married MAN getting a cheap thrill from YOUNG LADY. This isn’t going anywhere, it’s just some chatter to make us both laugh.WRONG! As the days and weeks pass, MAN and YOUNG LADY share more and more messages, giggles at work and maybe even a coffee here and there. His work days occasionally become a bit longer and WOMAN juggles to orchestrate the changes in scheduling at home. Seems MAN is becoming a little more tired at night, a little less involved in conversations and comes to bed a little later. YOUNG LADY isn’t his only distraction. While destroying evil villains in VIDEO GAME LAND, the online chat is getting quite interesting. GAME GIRL has now sent him a private chat request. “Great job!” she says of his latest capture and that little conversation starts to revolve into “what’s your name, where do you live and eventually are you single? Hey, what the hell, “yes, I am” says man. How would she know anyway? She is in Boise, Idaho and here I am in New York City. She has no other picture of me other than my avatar. She doesn’t have my address nor my phone number thinks MAN. It’s harmless, just a gamer chatting about a game. MAN hates to admit it but starts to think about what GAMER GIRL looks like. Is she young and cute? Does she have big breasts, maybe a nice round tight butt? WOMAN is a great and attractive lady but she has had 2 kids and maybe the years have taken a little toll on her here and there, but hey she’s still MY WOMAN! Nothing wrong with a little fantasizing right? GAMER GIRL says goodnight and signs off and MAN starts thinking. He starts getting aroused at the thought of GAMER GIRL, YOUNG LADY, WOMAN ON THE EXPRESS BUS….

Quietly he checks on WOMAN. She is asleep. “God, she looks so angelic and sweet, that’s the love of my life, the mother of my kids, the reason I get up every day.” he thinks to himself. He relocates himself back to the family room and sits down. Remote in hand, he changes the channel to the Playboy Channel. “Wow, look at these babes!” he whispers to himself. Slowly slipping his hand to his crotch he masturbates. Hey he is MAN, that is what they do! No harm done. WOMAN is sleeping, he loves WOMAN, she is the cement of his world! He is not out at the bar exchanging phone numbers with other women or getting a cheap blow job in the car. How can this hurt WOMAN?

The days go by and all is great! The kids are happy, WOMAN seems happy, makes a mean pot of chili and the house is as peaceful and cozy as ever. Their sex life is good, ok maybe they are not breaking out the handcuffs as much as they used to but this is normal. We are married after all!

It’s Friday night and WOMAN wants to play! “Hell, yes baby let’s gooooo!” he thinks as he races to the bedroom. There’s WOMAN, HIS WOMAN he thinks. He starts to think how he never noticed that her particular choices of things she wears to bed are a little worn or maybe her breasts may be a little lower than they used to be. Gravity does that you know! “That Asian beauty on tv last night sure had perky boobs!” he remembers. MAN proceeds to have sex with WOMAN and it’s good. Good yes, not earth shattering. WOMAN gradually nods off and MAN can’t sleep. Off to the family room he goes and on goes the t.v and maybe he will fuddle with his laptop for awhile. Being MAN he googles the usual porn sites and fills his needs with the sights of PERFECT WOMEN, with perfect boobs, perfect asses, flat stomachs and long beautiful flowing hair. ALL that are ready and willing to do ANYTHING to make his fantasies come true!  Here, he can have virtually ANY WOMAN. The sultry Black woman, the exotic Asian beauty, the blonde, blue eyed beauty and the list is endless. A new fantasy, a new woman anytime, anywhere. Once again MAN pleasures himself as he dreams of partaking in a romp with one of these cuties.

As they days pass, the weeks go by, MAN has more and more sessions and fantasies with PERFECT BABE, YOUNG LADY, WOMAN ON BUS AND GAMER GIRL and less time for WOMAN. After all MAN has needs, doesn’t he? No harm done. “I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN!” Lol, where have we heard that before??

WOMAN starts to think maybe MAN is having an affair. He is spending less and less time with her, their lovemaking has cooled down a bit and the sessions often shorter and to the point. “Maybe he is over worked” she thinks. He does work long hours to provide nice things for his family, but then there is that WOMAN THING. You know, that intuition they say that we are all born with.

It’s Saturday, MAN has to put in few extra hours today at “the office” for a new project he is working on. The kids are at Dorney Park with Aunt Angie. WOMAN pulls out MAN”S laptop and proceeds to check history. How to install a headlight, YouTube, stock quotes, Amazon shopping and oops there it is. XXX Porn Fantasy! BINGO! “Wow, has MAN been busy! Pages and pages of white girls, black girls, Asians, twins, threesomes and it goes on and on! “So that’s why he has been spending less time pleasing me.” She thinks. “Am I ugly? Am I fat? Am I old? I certainly don’t look like them” Her head is spinning with thoughts. “I’m not good enough, I’m not tall enough, I just can’t please  my man anymore. I’m a failure” Her life starts falling apart. STRONG WOMAN is now BROKEN WOMAN. Now when she looks in the mirror she sees someone else. Where is STRONG WOMAN, with her pretty smile, her muscular body, her smooth skin? Who is this? She sees BROKEN WOMAN now. BROKEN WOMAN has a few extra pounds, a stray grey hair, boobs that could use a good push up bra and all her other flaws that went unnoticeable to her before. “No wonder MAN rushes through our lovemaking, no wonder he does it with the lights out” she thinks as a tear drops down her left cheek.  “Is life as I knew it over for me? Does MAN get to go on and continue his flirtations, his fantasies as I slip deeper and deeper into my role as WIFEY and MOMMY losing my sexuality” she thinks. She can’t help but think that. MAN is not solely satisfied with her any longer. After ten years of hamburger MAN needs a little steak once in awhile. BROKEN WOMAN now feels like the hamburger, like chopped meat. This is one effect of pornography and the internet. MAN fulfills all his needs and WOMAN is left defeated and broken.

Society dictates different rules and models for both sexes. It is almost the “norm” for most men to flirt, engage in frequent pornography and fantasies but WOMAN must accept the fact that she is getting a little older, a little softer and hence a little less desirable. Therefore it is accepted that men’s eyes wander. WOMAN must continue to work,  play MOMMY, HOUSEKEEPER, COOK etc and just accept what MAN has leftover for her.

Yes, there are exceptions to every situation. Kudos to the men out there that keep their women feeling, loved, desired and most of all beautiful, and yes there are reverse situations where WOMAN does this to MAN, but the cases are  most definitely in MAN”S favor.

In closing, to all my BROKEN SISTERS out there, LOVE YOU, RESPECT YOU and SEE YOU for the beautiful STRONG WOMAN you are!