WE ARE OBSESSED! Before our little piggy toes touch the floor in the morning many of us have our coffee pots already starting to pour that stream of super java into our cups. You know that smooth dark liquid that will grant us super powers! The power to get through a day full of screaming children, annoying co workers, rude people and traffic! Yes, good old “Joe” can power us up for the day!

These little magic beans turn plain old water into brown gold. There is nothing better than that first sip in the morning. You have heard it many times. “Don’t talk to me until I have had my coffee!” Whats does that mean? Will we turn into pumpkins if someone starts a conversation before the first cup? Will we actually use that duct tape on child #1’s mouth? I’m a bit afraid to chance it.


Then there is the great coffee debate… DUNKIN OR STARBUCKS??? Go ahead try to get in the store for a quick cup to go in the morning and get out in a flash, I dare you! The lines of zombies like myself will wait on a line for 20 minutes just to get that fix for the ride to work. Life just seems easier with those daily doses of java. Yes, I said doses. For many, one is never enough! I need a cup when I wake, a cup on the way, a cup at my desk and yet another before bedtime. I have had those occasional 7 cup days which I admit were a bit excessive giving me palpitations at night, however the standard 4 a day for me works just fine. I can literally have a 14 ounce cup and then off to bed I go! Remember this is coffee and with it I am SUPER WOMAN! I now can run errands, go to work, cook dinner, do laundry, clean my house and more! I dread to think what would happen if the world’s supply of coffee beans were to run out! I would be a member of the Walking Dead for sure.

As for how you take it, I personally drink mine black no sugar although society deems “a regular” cup of coffee as having milk and sugar, at least that’s how it is here in New York City. Just ask for a regular coffee and there are no details needed. I often wonder however, why everyone on television shows and movies takes theirs black like me. Seriously the next time you see an actor pour a cup, notice there is no milk or sugar nearby. It is simply poured and drank in all it’s naked splendor. You know just as this article states should I be worried that I am a psychopath???

In closing as I sit here enjoying my 3rd of the day, I now feel I can handle it all! Bring it on world, throw it at me, give me your best shot. I HAVE COFFEE!



  1. Haha! I relate to this. You should follow my blog and read my coffee posts


    1. kittykat718 says:

      I will! Thanks!!

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