Eek! There’s a mouse in the house!

You would think living in New York City all of my life that I would be desensitized to an occasional “visitor” once in awhile, but NOOOO I am not nor will I ever be!

Why may I ask am I always the first and sometimes the “only” one to see these creatures??

It never fails, there I am sitting there minding my own business watching T.V and from the corner of my eye there is movement. Fast and furious, it scurried along the base of my kitchen cabinets. “A mouse!” I shriek and both him/her and I are terrified and motionless for a brief moment. After the initial shock, he is gone to parts unknown and here I am trying to explain to members of my family what I have just seen. “it was probably a shadow” from my husband. “it’s your imagination, I haven’t seen anything” with an added eye roll from my daughter as she looks at me like I have just escaped from the mental institution. I know what I saw!!! Maybe I am just more aware, maybe I am always looking for them or maybe I clearly am the “pied piper”

“Get the traps, put them down now!” I say in a panic. I know it is cruel and sad to see and hear these tiny creatures fight for their life but there is NO WAY we are going to co habitate! It’s the tails! Those long hairless tails that whip along behind them that really creeps me out! I know in reality that they are tiny, and harmless but the way I feel about them, they may as well be ten foot tail with razor blades for teeth. Same thing in my eyes.


As a rule I happen to be very proactive about keeping my house clean and keeping all forms of food tucked away inside the refrigerator. That’s right, rices, pastas, cereals and anything else that can be fit in there can be found in my refrigerator. Just short of canned goods, ALL of my groceries can be found inside that giant cold box.

In an attempt to rid that little sucker, the traps were laid out and we sat there in silence. The fuzzy little pest stood not an inch away from the trap sniffing and just peering at me. “Step on it, go ahead” said the voices in my head but nooooo he daintily danced around it like a ballerina on a mine field. Smart little bastard, this one is educated. This calls for back up. Tonight I am going to get my neighbor’s two cats and send them in to combat. But what will I do if they get it? What if they bring it to me in their little cat mouths? I heard they do things like that.

I’m already dreading going home after work. Will it be lurking, waiting for me? It’s tail raised high in the air, on it’s hind legs, it’s razor sharp teeth ready to pierce my flesh, it’s tiny claws anticipating tearing me to shreds and then calling on his friends and family to drag me inside his mouse hole into the depths of hell???silo-crit-mouse-vintage-image-graphicsfairy8.jpg

On second thought, I think I’ll work late………………






  1. Daal says:

    wishing you (& hopefully not your mouse by now) a happy 2017 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    lol thank you and we got him!!!


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