with a schmear, with butter, with tuna fish, with cold cuts, pizzafied and even naked just give me your dense, thick, doughy existence! Put your seeds in my mouth (sesame and poppy of course!)

I first met you as a pre teen when we lived around the corner from the “Jewish deli” in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. It was love at first bite! Just the perfect combination of chewy flesh and slightly crispy exterior. Like a party in my mouth.

I still remember when I took you home and gently covered you with butter. That moment when I tasted you and the creamy goodness (butter) dripped lightly from the sides of my mouth. AHHHH!! I can still close my eyes and fantasize about your deliciousness.

butter bagel.jpg

Oh Bagel, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…. I have to admit, the vision of you slathered in butter really gets me going (to the bagel store that is). You are so tender. I adore you wearing anything, whether it is sesame seeds, onion or garlic or a menage a trois of  all three, you get me drooling for you.

I look forward to our date all week. Saturday mornings spent together with Joe (coffee). The three of us are unseparable. Together we listen to some soft tunes, our candle lit, perhaps some insence on the burner. This moment was made for love…..BAGEL LOVE! You are my other half!


You are the perfect mate! Moist, soft, sweet and sometimes a little “salty” and most importantly never disappointing. There is only one downfall of being in love with you – you make me fat. They always say when you are involved in a long term relationship, it makes you content resulting in gaining a few pounds. SIGH….Yes I have tried others, the flagel, the mini bagel but they are not YOU. Choosing them leaves me hungry and insatiable. I won’t just settle. I want you! I need you! Any way I can have you, I will. I don’t want a fake or a phoney, I want the REAL THING!


I will never be alone as long as I have you. I close my eyes and anxiously await the day we can be together again. Two more days, two more days! Joe and I will be waiting. Until then Shalom my love!




  1. andrethibaultblog says:

    love this ! and I love New York !!!!


    1. kittykat718 says:

      thank you and so do I 🙂

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    2. kittykat718 says:

      same here ! 🙂


  2. Quirky Girl says:

    Growing up in New York, I undoubtedly took for granted that no other place on earth makes bagels…or pizza…the way New York does. Mmmm…


    1. kittykat718 says:

      I totally agree!

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