Where do I begin? So many have left Brooklyn either to retire, look for a more rural place to live, in search of a quieter life and so many other reasons, but they always come back now and then at least for the “food”

Whether it’s a slice of Junior’s cheesecake located on the Flatbush Avenue extension or a “slice” at their favorite pizza parlour, it lures them back to where it all began.



“It’s the water.” I hear so many say. “You can’t make a good bagel or pizza dough without the Brooklyn watah (as we say it here)” Not sure if that’s what it is, but there is something to be said for the food here. Years back local pizzerias offered your basic plain or pepperoni slice. Crust on the thinner side with a tasty sauce and handfuls of mozzarella cheese creating the perfect pie. It was always folded in half and eaten Brooklyn style. No fancy shmancy “grandma pizza” or chicken & other assorted toppings. Pineapple on pizza!! NEVER! You would be run out of town!

These days you can find a wide variety of old fashioned Brooklyn pizza like Di Fara’s Pizza in Midwood or Grimaldis in good old Coney Island. These places and others like Original Pizza or Knapp Street Pizza also offer more modern classics such as veggie pizza, salad pizza, penne ala vodka pizza & much more! I could literally go on for hours about pizza alone because it is a personal favorite but I will control myself!


Let’s move on to food carts. There is the hot dog truck, the gyro truck and in some parts, yes even the taco truck! Where else can you grab a tasty bite for under 5 bucks and under 5 minutes? Urban legend always suggested that the hot dogs had their unique taste for a reason. Many have often asked, “well where does the hot dog man pee?” That is so gross and so wrong!



The bagels, the pretzels, the Chinese food and more! Nothing like a hot, soft pretzel warm from the charcoal of the pretzel cart. The smell, the texture, the taste is unduplicated!


“The Chinese food stinks down here!” Words from my brother now that he has relocated to Florida. I laugh but I have heard that suggested by many, along with the complaints of the “average” pizza and bagels.

Many daydream of visiting their favorite Italian pork store and picking up a pinwheel of cheese and parsley sausage. Some Gourmet Italian Pork stores such as Landi’s of Brooklyn still ship their goodies all over the United States.


We can kvetch all day about Kosher Delis or we can step inside the Mill Basin Kosher Deli and grab a hot pastrami sandwich with meat piled higher than a mountain or a hot steamy knish!


Whatever it is you are looking for, you can find it here! Pop into Dolce Vita on Avenue N in Old Mill Basin, grab a hunk of Italian bread and start dipping into their delicious sauce (or is it gravy? – that’a a great debate) or take a stroll down to Flatbush Avenue and park yourself in a booth at China New Star for a pu pu platter!